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The Cat King Of Escape

Chamallow is a cat who's serious about his freedom, and he's doesn't let
something as trivial as a locked cage in a veterinary clinic
stop him from coming and going as he pleases. In this video, Chamallow shows that a slide lock on a vet clinic cage is no match for his
intelligence and paw dexterity. And to prove his escape act is no fluke,
he does it again.

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Since cats were cult animals in ancient Egypt, they were commonly believed to have been domesticated there,
but there may have been instances of domestication as early as the Neolithic from around 9500 years ago (7500 BC).
A genetic study in 2007 concluded that domestic cats are descended from African wildcats, having diverged around 8000 BC in West Asia.
Cats are the most popular pet in the world, and are now found in almost every place where humans live.
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“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”
Robert A. Heinlein